Firewall Zero Hour

Intense, team-based gunplay is a highlight for Playstation VR.

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Firewall: Zero Hour is so close to being the first definitive VR FPS (though you might argue that Farpoint has been heading in the right direction since its launch). It’s smart, picking its battles carefully and winning most of them, and the team at First Contact Entertainment has nailed most things in terms of movement, comfort and what you might call ‘gunfeel.’ And anything that is wrong with the game can be fixed with just a little time and a few patches and additions. If you’ve got the gear and the inclination to play it, I’d urge you to do so despite the slightly underwhelming score I’m going to slap it with.

What First Contact Entertainment has done is build a VR game in the vein of Rainbow Six: Siege or Counter Strike. Each mission focuses around a laptop and a pair of firewall switches with one team of attackers attempting to turn off one firewall switch and steal the data from the laptop, while the defenders do their best to stop them. If the defenders can hold off the attackers for a few minutes – or wipe them all out – their team wins. If the attackers can steal the data or kill all defenders, victory is theirs.

Ignore the VR aspect for a second and you have a tight, methodical, highly tactical team-based shooter, well-executed if a little basic. In VR, however, it’s incredibly tense and immersive. You’re constantly shifting gaze left and right, up and down, behind you to keep checking that nobody’s sneaking up on you and nobody is drawing aim on you from a corner you’re not quite aware of.